2012 Grace

Adam Lane’s Full Throttle Orchestra (2010) Ashcan Rantings
Airtist (2008) Wireless
Alex Under (2005) Dispositivos De Mi Granja
Andy Emler MegaOctet (2012) E Total
Black Motor (2011) Hoojaa
Bushman’s Revenge (2007) Cowboy Music
Carlos Barretto Lokomotiv (2010) Labirintos
Denis Colin Trio (2002) Something in Common
Die Knödel (1993) Verkochte Tiroler
El Infierno Musical (2011) El Infierno Musical
Fdel (2004) Audiofdelity
Fred Lonberg-Holm Trio (2002) A Valentine for Fred Katz
Fun-Da-Mental (1998) Erotic Terrorism
Gato Libre (2008) Kuro
Harris Eisenstadt (2012) Canada Day III
Hera (2011) Where my complete beloved is
Jaruzelski’s Dream (2010) Jazz Gawronski
John Southworth, Andrew Downing (2012) Easterween
Jon Raskin, Carla Harryman (2012) Open Box
Jooklo Duo (2010) The Warrior
Kanine (2011) Rain Dance
Keiji Haino, Stephen O’Malley, Oren Ambarchi (2012) Nazoranai
Lama (2011) Oneiros
Les Reines Prochaines (1995) Le Coeur en Beurre — Doublegras
Matana Roberts (2011) Coin Coin Chapter One: Gens De Couleur Libres
Monks (1966) Black Monk Time
Neneh Cherry, The Thing (2012) The Cherry Thing
Nicolas Masson Parallels (2009) Thirty Six Ghosts
Public Service Broadcasting (2012) The War Room
Sølyst (2011) Sølyst
The Flatlands Collective (2008) Maatjes
The Gossip (2006) Standing in the Way of Control
The Oscillation (2007) Out Of Phase
The Stranglers (1977) Rattus Norvegicus
Ton-Art (1989) Zú
Trespass Trio (2009) ...was there to illuminate the night sky...
Tristesse Contemporaine (2012) Tristesse Contemporaine
Глеб Успенский, S.P.U.L. (2007) Я ночь