2013 Orange

Art Ensemble of Chicago (1970) Les Stances à Sophie
Baaba Kulka (2011) Baaba Kulka
Cave (2011) Neverendless
Circle (2000) Prospekt
Cyclopean (2013) Cyclopean
Da Lata (2013) Fabiola
Dawn of Midi (2013) Dysnomia
Double Tandem (2012) Ox
Fire! Orchestra (2013) Exit!
Floh De Cologne (1970) Fließbandbaby’s Beat-Show
Fugu and The Cosmic Mumu (2008) Off
Föllakzoid (2013) II
Gnod (2008) The Somnambulist’s Tale
John Tchicai, Charlie Kohlhase, Garrison Fewell, Cecil McBee, Billy Hart (2013) Tribal Ghost
Kaleidoscope Jukebox (2013) Infinite Reflection
Lee Scratch Perry (2011) Rise Again
Lumerians (2013) The High Frontier
Made to Break (2013) Lacerba
Martin Küchen (2012) Hellstorm: Man erkennt langsam das Elend, das über uns gekommen ist
Mere (2012) Mere
Mi (2013) One On The Way
Mop Mop (2010) Ritual of the Savage
Muringa (2012) The Unknown Knowns
Nuts & Co (1982) Kangourou
Oren Ambarchi (2012) Sagittarian Domain
Public Image Ltd. (2012) This is PiL
Pão (2012) Pão
Sean Moran Small Elephant Band (2013) Tusk
Serious Drinking (1983) The Revolution Starts at Closing Time
Shpongle (2013) Museum of Consciousness
Squadra Omega (2008) Rennes Le Château
Steve Lehman Trio (2012) Dialect Fluorescent
Ståhls Trio (2013) Jag Skulle Bara Gå Ut
Sunbirds (1971) Sunbirds
Szilárd Mezei Octet (2010) Tönk
The Fall (1985) This Nation’s Saving Grace
The Juju Orchestra (2007) Bossa Nova Is Not A Crime
The Sweet Vandals (2011) So Clear
Xiu Xiu (2013) Nina
Vladimir Martynov by Opus Posth, Dmitry Pokrovsky Folk Ensemble (2000) Night in Galicia