2011 Fawn

Akalé Wubé (2011) Akalé Wubé
Ariya Astrobeat Arkestra (2010) Ariya Astrobeat Arkestra
Bluba Lu (2008) Groove Euroope
Bobby Previte (2006) The Coalition of the Willing
Broken Arm Trio (2008) Broken Arm Trio
Butter 08 (1996) Butter 08
Carsten Dahl Experience (2010) Humilitas
Danças Ocultas (2003) Pulsar
Daphna Sadeh, The Voyagers (2009) Reconciliation
Depart (2008) Mountain Messenger
DOK (2011) DVA
Electric Orange (2010) Krautrock From Hell
Eric Dolphy (1964) Out To Lunch!
Fire! (2009) You Liked Me Five Minutes Ago
Frivolous (2011) Meteorology
Fujiya & Miyagi (2008) Lightbulbs
Fukkeduk (1994) Ornithozozy
Gadjo Loco (2011) No Folkin’ Name
Get The Blessing (2009) Bugs In Amber
Hanggai (2008) Introducing Hanggai
Happy Apple (2003) Youth Oriented
Hazmat Modine (2011) Cicada
heernt (2006) Locked in a basement
Julie’s Haircut (2009) Our Secret Ceremony
Kahondo Style (1987) Green Tea & Crocodiles
Kraak & Smaak (2011) Electric Hustle
Kultur Shock (2011) Ministry Of Kultur
Nostalgia 77 (2011) The Sleepwalking Society
Nôze (2008) Songs On The Rocks
Orchestre Tout Puissant Marcel Duchamp (2010) The Thing That Everything Else Is About
Parno Graszt (2007) Ez a világ nekem való
Peter Brötzmann (1996) Nothing to Say: A Suite of Breathless Motion
Peter Brötzmann Chicago Tentet (2005) Be Music, Night
Pretty Lights (2010) Making Up A Changing Mind
Rêve d’Éléphant Orchestra (2004) Lobster Caravan
Shibusashirazu Orchestra (2010) Shibu-Yotabi
Skream! (2006) Skream!
The Bahama Soul Club (2008) Rhythm Is What Makes Jazz Jazz
The Flirts (1984) Made in America
The Respect Sextet (2010) Farcical Built for Six
The Vandermark 5 (2004.03.15) Alchemia 2 (Day One, Set Two)
Thomas Brinkmann (2000) Ulla + Vera
Tinariwen (2011) Tassili
Two Bands And A Legend (2007) Two Bands And A Legend
Yohimbe Brothers (2003) Tao of Yo