Photo by Ilya Nodia

At age 15 I felt ultimately free and happy. Everything sparked my interest: from physics and theater to hiking and intellectual games. I dove into everything, scoring high in it all: winning in cups, tournaments, math competitions and school elections.

I ignored haircuts, never buttoned my button-ups, and pinned bells on my jeans legs. It was time when I’d sing Tom Waits at top of my lungs straddling a roadside post. I made myself a wreath of long ribbons and wore it around my neck.

This necklace could’ve become a part of my costume for a play „Cuculcan The Feathered Serpent“ based on Miguel Ángel Asturias writings where I played Guacamayo, the old parrot, on the stage of our lyceum theater „АрМсНИК“ (Artistic Bear With Low IQ). The play was never released after all but I named my pet, an orange-winged amazon, after that character.

Spectral stripes, flying ribbons, unruly kite — this whole piece has freedom written all over it. Even the artistic method employed speaks freedom as the image rises above the canvas and bursts free.
2019.03.30 I’ve sold this work to a private collector.
acrylic, diagonal, mixed, spectrum, symmetry, wings