Heard Years

2018 Baobab

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Abschaum (2017) Moon Tango
Bremen (2013) Bremen
Brown Spirits (2017) Brown Spirits
Elephant9 (2018) Greatest Show On Earth
Ester Poly (2017) Pique Dame
Георгий Свиридов (1973) Метель
Голуби и безумные кашевары (2015) Червяки-поводыри
Honest John (2017) International Breakthrough
Honolulu Playboys (2000) Between Drinks
Hoodna Afrobeat Orchestra (2015) Let Go
Ingenting Kollektiva (2012) Fragments of Night
Jungle by Night (2018) Livingstone
Jupiter Lion (2014) Brighter
Lonker See (2018) One Eye Sees Red
Marc Ribot's Ceramic Dog (2018) YRU Still Here?
Marker (2017) Wired For Sound
Marvin Pontiac (1999) The Legendary Marvin Pontiac Greatest Hits
Metá Metá (2016) MM3
Mildlife (2018) Phase II
Minami Deutsch (2018) With Dim Light
Mural (2015) Tempo
O₃ (2017) Trashumancia
Orchester 33⅓ (2016) Orchester 33⅓
Orchestra Of The Upper Atmosphere (2014) θ2
Picnic (2016) Picnic
Planum (2007) Spying Imagination
Sherpa The Tiger (2018) Great Vowel Shift
Stefan Schneider, Sven Kacirek (2015) Shadows Documents
Superfjord (2014) It Is Dark, But I Have This Jewel
The Colorist, Emiliana Torrini (2016) The Colorist & Emiliana Torrini
The Still (2016) The Still
Thrice Mice (1970) Thrice Mice!
Tommy Guerrero (2018) Road to Knowhere
Tony Buck (2017) Unearth

2017 Stayer

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4 позиции Бруно (2011) Многоножки и сердцеедки
Аигел (2017) 1190
Anarchist Republic of Bzzz (2016) United Diktatürs of Europe
Avec le soleil sortant de sa bouche (2017) Pas pire pop, I Love You so Much
Bruut! (2017) Superjazz
Circuit (2007) Kitaoka
Dakh Daughters (2016) If
Dalida (2014) Dalida
Deolinda (2016) Outras Histórias
Die Orangen (2017) Zest
Dirty Songs (2017) Dirty Songs Play Dirty Songs
Electric Moon (2017) Stardust Rituals
Filteria (2013) Lost In The Wild
I Like To Sleep (2017) Bedmonster
Irish Coffee (1971) Irish Coffee
Irreversible Entanglements (2017) Irreversible Entanglements
Jaga Jazzist (2009) One-Armed Bandit
Jaimie Branch (2017) Fly or Die
Joshua Abrams & Natural Information Society (2017) Simultonality
Karkhana (2017) For Seun Matta
Lotto (2016) Elite Feline
Louis Minus XVI (2014) Kindergarten
Magnetik North (2012) Evolver
Never Enough Hope (2008) The Gift Economy
Nicole Mitchell (2017) Mandorla Awakening II: Emerging Worlds
Paura (2008) The Construction of Fear
Pole (2003) Pole
Rêve Général (2015) Howl
Sepultura (1996) Roots
Slow Is Possible (2017) Moonwatchers
Steve Reich (1976) Music for 18 Musicians
The Dance (1981) In Lust
The Feelies (1980) Crazy Rhythms
Toys'R'Noise (2013) Toys'R'Noise
Trip Hill (2017) Saucer
VALINA (2016) In Position
VED (2016) Omikron
Zeitkratzer, Terre Thaemlitz (2008) Electronics

2015 – 2016 Postmodernist

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Alien Ensemble (2014) Alien Ensemble
Amalgam (1977) Samanna
Automat, Max Loderbauer (2015) Selekt 01
Calle Debauche (2012) Salvation of the Motherland
Cory Wright Outfit (2014) Apples & Oranges
Die Wilde Jagd (2015) Die Wilde Jagd
Drame (2015) Drame
Eduardo Raon (2013) On the Drive for Impulsive Actions
Hello Skinny (2012) Hello Skinny
Henrik Munkeby Nørstebø, Raymond Strid, Nina de Heney (2015) Oslo Wien
Hidden Forces Trio (2014) Crows are council
Higamos Hogamos (2009) Higamos Hogamos
Ich Bin N!ntendo (2016) Lykke
Idiotape (2011) 11111101
Iggy Pop (2016) Post Pop Depression
Infected Mushroom (2009) Legend of the Black Shawarma
Jakob Skøtt (2014) Taurus Rising
Japan (1981) Tin Drum
Jooklo und Metabolismus (2013) Perception of the Illusion of the Opposition of Contraries
Kammerflimmer Kollektief (2015) Désarroi
Karaba (2014) Karaba
La Jungle (2015) La Jungle
Lume (2016) Xabregas 10
Maat Lander (2015) The Birth of Maat's Galaxy
Madame Luckerniddle (2015) Madame Luckerniddle
Miles Davis (1970) Bitches Brew
Moon Duo (2012) Circles
Moon Hooch (2011) Moon Hooch
Muta (2010) Bricolage
Nyl (1976) Nyl
Sand (2011) Desert Navigation
Simão Costa (2014) π_Ano Pre-Cau-Tion Per-Cu-Ssion on Short Circuit
Skalpel (2014) Transit
Snorkel (2011) Stop Machine
Steel Bridge Trio (2015) Different Clocks
TaxiWars (2015) TaxiWars
The Broken Keys (2006) Gravity
The Year Of (2006) Slow Days
Vril (2003) Effigies in Cork

2014 Æquator

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Aram Bajakian (2014) There were flowers also in hell
Available Jelly (2011) Baarle-Nassau
Ayato, Hake Hole, Jake Hole (2007) Gosses De Tokyo
BEAK> (2012) >>
Betty Davis (1973) Betty Davis
Calibro 35 (2010) Ritornano quelli di... Calibro 35
Causa Sui (2013) Euporie Tide
Cavern of Anti-Matter (2013) Blood-Drums
Chlorine Free (2014) Le Fish
Chris Joss (2010) Monomaniacs, Volume 1
Christof Kurzmann, Ken Vandermark (2014) Nine Ways to Read a Bridge II
Curtis Mayfield (1972) Superfly
Demon Fuzz (1970) Afreaka!
Débile Menthol (1981) Emile au jardin patrologique
Elektro Guzzi (2010) Elektro Guzzi
Ellis Island Sound (2014) Regions
Eric Thielemans (2014) Sprang
Ex Models (2001) Other Mathematics
Forebrace (2013) Bad Folds
Frank Lowe Quartet (2014) Out Loud
Hammeriver (2010) Hammeriver
Hank Ballard (1968) You Can't Keep a Good Man Down
Jan Johansson (1964) Jazz på svenska
Jemeel Moondoc (2014) The Zookeeper's House
John Lurie National Orchestra (2013) The Invention of Animals
Knuckleduster (2012) Nuukoono
Malombo (2014) Spirit of Malombo (1966-1984)
Marcin Ciupidro (2013) Talking Tree
Mats Gustafsson NU Ensemble (2014) Hidros 6: Knockin'
Ohne 4 Gespielt Drei (2012) Time Trial
Originalljudet (2010) Originalljudet
Phantom Orchard Ensemble (2014) Through The Looking-Glass
Polwechsel (2013) Traces Of Wood
Sharif Sehnaoui (2011) Old And New Acoustics
The Web (1970) Theraphosa Blondi
Thornetta Davis (1996) Sunday Morning Music
Too Many Zooz (2014) F Note
Una Mas Trio (2009) Ritmo Del Futura

2013 Orange

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Art Ensemble of Chicago (1970) Les Stances à Sophie
Baaba Kulka (2011) Baaba Kulka
Cave (2011) Neverendless
Circle (2000) Prospekt
Cyclopean (2013) Cyclopean
Da Lata (2013) Fabiola
Dawn of Midi (2013) Dysnomia
Double Tandem (2012) Ox
Fire! Orchestra (2013) Exit!
Floh De Cologne (1970) Fließbandbaby's Beat-Show
Fugu and The Cosmic Mumu (2008) Off
Föllakzoid (2013) II
Gnod (2008) The Somnambulist's Tale
John Tchicai, Charlie Kohlhase, Garrison Fewell, Cecil McBee, Billy Hart (2013) Tribal Ghost
Kaleidoscope Jukebox (2013) Infinite Reflection
Lee Scratch Perry (2011) Rise Again
Lumerians (2013) The High Frontier
Made to Break (2013) Lacerba
Martin Küchen (2012) Hellstorm: Man erkennt langsam das Elend, das über uns gekommen ist
Mere (2012) Mere
Mi (2013) One On The Way
Mop Mop (2010) Ritual of the Savage
Muringa (2012) The Unknown Knowns
Nuts & Co (1982) Kangourou
Oren Ambarchi (2012) Sagittarian Domain
Public Image Ltd. (2012) This is PiL
Pão (2012) Pão
Sean Moran Small Elephant Band (2013) Tusk
Serious Drinking (1983) The Revolution Starts at Closing Time
Shpongle (2013) Museum of Consciousnes
Squadra Omega (2008) Rennes Le Château
Steve Lehman Trio (2012) Dialect Fluorescent
Ståhls Trio (2013) Jag Skulle Bara Gå Ut
Sunbirds (1971) Sunbirds
Szilárd Mezei Octet (2010) Tönk
The Fall (1985) This Nation's Saving Grace
The Juju Orchestra (2007) Bossa Nova Is Not A Crime
The Sweet Vandals (2011) So Clear
Xiu Xiu (2013) Nina
Vladimir Martynov by Opus Posth, Dmitry Pokrovsky Folk Ensemble (2000) Night in Galicia

2012 Grace

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Adam Lane's Full Throttle Orchestra (2010) Ashcan Rantings
Airtist (2008) Wireless
Alex Under (2005) Dispositivos De Mi Granja
Andy Emler MegaOctet (2012) E Total
Black Motor (2011) Hoojaa
Bushman's Revenge (2007) Cowboy Music
Carlos Barretto Lokomotiv (2010) Labirintos
Denis Colin Trio (2002) Something in Common
Die Knödel (1993) Verkochte Tiroler
El Infierno Musical (2011) El Infierno Musical
Fdel (2004) Audiofdelity
Fred Lonberg-Holm Trio (2002) A Valentine for Fred Katz
Fun-Da-Mental (1998) Erotic Terrorism
Gato Libre (2008) Kuro
Harris Eisenstadt (2012) Canada Day III
Hera (2011) Where my complete beloved is
Jaruzelski's Dream (2010) Jazz Gawronski
John Southworth, Andrew Downing (2012) Easterween
Jon Raskin, Carla Harryman (2012) Open Box
Jooklo Duo (2010) The Warrior
Kanine (2011) Rain Dance
Keiji Haino, Stephen O'Malley, Oren Ambarchi (2012) Nazoranai
Lama (2011) Oneiros
Les Reines Prochaines (1995) Le Coeur en Beurre — Doublegras
Matana Roberts (2011) Coin Coin Chapter One: Gens De Couleur Libres
Monks (1966) Black Monk Time
Neneh Cherry, The Thing (2012) The Cherry Thing
Nicolas Masson Parallels (2009) Thirty Six Ghosts
Public Service Broadcasting (2012) The War Room
Sølyst (2011) Sølyst
The Flatlands Collective (2008) Maatjes
The Gossip (2006) Standing in the Way of Control
The Oscillation (2007) Out Of Phase
The Stranglers (1977) Rattus Norvegicus
Ton-Art (1989) Zú
Trespass Trio (2009) ...was there to illuminate the night sky...
Tristesse Contemporaine (2012) Tristesse Contemporaine
Глеб Успенский, S.P.U.L. (2007) Я ночь

2011 Fawn

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Akalé Wubé (2011) Akalé Wubé
Ariya Astrobeat Arkestra (2010) Ariya Astrobeat Arkestra
Bluba Lu (2008) Groove Euroope
Bobby Previte (2006) The Coalition of the Willing
Broken Arm Trio (2008) Broken Arm Trio
Butter 08 (1996) Butter 08
Carsten Dahl Experience (2010) Humilitas
Danças Ocultas (2003) Pulsar
Daphna Sadeh, The Voyagers (2009) Reconciliation
Depart (2008) Mountain Messenger
DOK (2011) DVA
Electric Orange (2010) Krautrock From Hell
Eric Dolphy (1964) Out To Lunch!
Fire! (2009) You Liked Me Five Minutes Ago
Frivolous (2011) Meteorology
Fujiya & Miyagi (2008) Lightbulbs
Fukkeduk (1994) Ornithozozy
Gadjo Loco (2011) No Folkin’ Name
Get The Blessing (2009) Bugs In Amber
Hanggai (2008) Introducing Hanggai
Happy Apple (2003) Youth Oriented
Hazmat Modine (2011) Cicada
heernt (2006) Locked in a basement
Julie’s Haircut (2009) Our Secret Ceremony
Kahondo Style (1987) Green Tea & Crocodiles
Kraak & Smaak (2011) Electric Hustle
Kultur Shock (2011) Ministry Of Kultur
Nostalgia 77 (2011) The Sleepwalking Society
Nôze (2008) Songs On The Rocks
Orchestre Tout Puissant Marcel Duchamp (2010) The Thing That Everything Else Is About
Parno Graszt (2007) Ez a világ nekem való
Peter Brötzmann (1996) Nothing to Say: A Suite of Breathless Motion
Peter Brötzmann Chicago Tentet (2005) Be Music, Night
Pretty Lights (2010) Making Up A Changing Mind
Rêve d’Éléphant Orchestra (2004) Lobster Caravan
Shibusashirazu Orchestra (2010) Shibu-Yotabi
Skream! (2006) Skream!
The Bahama Soul Club (2008) Rhythm Is What Makes Jazz Jazz
The Flirts (1984) Made in America
The Respect Sextet (2010) Farcical Built for Six
The Vandermark 5 (2004.03.15) Alchemia 2 (Day One, Set Two)
Thomas Brinkmann (2000) Ulla + Vera
Tinariwen (2011) Tassili
Two Bands And A Legend (2007) Two Bands And A Legend
Yohimbe Brothers (2003) Tao of Yo

2010 Rainplant

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Afenginn (2006) Akrobakkus
Analogik (2008) Klunserbeats Live
Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra (2009) Take Off!
Aretha Franklin (1968) Lady Soul
Armenian Navy Band (2006) How Much Is Yours
Asaf Avidan And The Mojos (2009) Poor Boy / Lucky Man
Baaba (2006) Poope Musique
Black Ox Orkestar (2005) Nisht Azoy
Bo Kaspers Orkester (2010) New Orleans
Bonaparte (2010) My Horse Likes You
Boys Band Trio (1999) Curvatura Grande
Calomito (1999) Inaudito
Carolina Chocolate Drops (2010) Genuine Negro Jig
Charming Hostess (2004) Punch
Compostela (1997) Wadachi
Egy Kiss Erzsi Zene (2010) Ugató
Gutbucket (2006) Sludge Test
Hauschka (2010) Foreign Landscapes
Hildegard Lernt Fliegen (2009) ...vom fernen Kern der Sache
Indigo Jam Unit (2008) Pirates
James Brown (2007) Number 1’s: James Brown
Jump (2010) The Beachcomber
Kim Lenz and The Jaguars (2009) It’s All True!
Koenjihyakkei (1994) Hundred Sights of Koenji
Kormac (2010) Word Play
Liquid Stranger (2009) The Intergalactic Slapstick
Másfél (2000) Angyaltojás
Miles Davis (1960) Sketches Of Spain
Nikki Yanofsky (2010) Nikki
O.N.A. (1998) T.R.I.P
Padded Cell (2008) Night Must Fall
Penguin Cafe Orchestra (1981) Penguin Cafe Orchestra
Phish (1993) Rift
Polar Bear (2010) Peepers
Prins Thomas (2010) Prins Thomas
Rattlemouth (2006) Hopabout
Skeleton Crew (1990) Learn to Talk + The Country of Blinds
Skerik’s Syncopated Taint Septet (2006) Husky
Spoonbill (2009) Zoomorphic
Tarwater (2005) The Needle Was Travelling
The Bas Lexter Ensample (2010) And The Beat Goes On
The Books (2010) The Way Out
The Sound Stylistics (2007) Play Deep Funk
The Tango Saloon (2008) Transylvania
The Undisputed Truth (1972) Face to face with the truth
Science Friction (2002) Science Friction

2009 Guacamayo

Torrent   Leprosorium   DCD
Anima Sound System (2006) We Strike!
Anouar Brahem (2009) The Astounding Eyes of Rita
Bonobo (2006) Days To Come
Bonzo Dog Band (1969) Urban Spaceman
Burial (2007) Untrue
Clutchy Hopkins, Lord Kenjamin (2009) Music Is My Medicine
Cockney Rebel (1973) The Human Menagerie
colorStar (2009) colorStar
Colour Haze (2006) Tempel
Contemporary Noise Quintet (2006) Pig Inside The Gentleman
Dengue Fever (2008) Venus on Earth
Devo (1980) Freedom Of Choice
Don Cavalli (2008) Cryland
Dredg (2009) The Pariah, The Parrot, The Delusion
Element of Crime (1991) Damals Hinterm Mond
Gang of Four (1980) Entertainment!
Gong Gong (2008) Mary's Spring
Hans Reichel (2003) Yuxo (A New Daxophone Operetta)
Hefner (1999) The Fidelity Wars
Hellwood (2006) Chainsaw of Life
Ian Wood (1997) Pražské snění
Improved Sound Limited (1971) Improved Sound Limited
Jean-Jacques Perrey, Harry Breuer (1970) The Happy Moog
Juno Reactor (2000) Shango
Jurij Andruchowycz, Karbido (2006) Samogon
Bertolt Brecht by Kurt Weill (1958) Die Dreigroschenoper
Le Scrawl (1994) Q
Les Claypool (2009) Of Fungi and Foe
Nits (1998) Alankomaat
Oil 10 (2006) Beyond
Regina Spektor (2009) Far
Rome (2008) Masse Mensch Material
Scrooge (1997) Cinematograph
Sir Richard Bishop (2009) The Freak Of Araby
Talking Heads (2004) The Name Of This Band Is Talking Heads
The Bone (2007) Zoo
The Clash (1977) The Clash (U.K. Version)
The Melting Ice (2002) The Melting Ice
The Police (1980) Zenyatta Mondatta
Trost (2006) Trust Me
Uri Caine (2001) Rio
Us3 (2006) Schizophonic
Úzgin Űver (2004) Vörös Rébék
Ween (1997) The Mollusk
XTC (1980) Black Sea