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In 2011, advised by Arnold de Boer, I’ve came to visit the CoBrA Museum in Amstelveen. At the time, I was not familiar with the art group and their „bestial art“ did not impress me at first. However, the composite works and the collage pieces on display I found quite astonishing.

I started to follow the CoBrA work and traveled to see it at the museum a few more times. In November 2016, I’ve came across a solo exhibition of Pierre Alechinsky. The show’s resonated with me so much that I went to see it again in a couple of days.

The exhibition had Alechinsky’s signature pieces with an abstract story told in a series of panels along the canvas margins. Here is his „Central Park“ (1965) as an example:

Soon after, I’ve read „Understanding Comics“ by Scott McCloud, so Alechinsky’s art became another dimension in the sequential art universe.

My decision to dedicate this work to Pierre Alechinsky is rooted in the idea that even abstract puzzle pieces could be put together into a meaningful picture by a thoughtful observer.

Mountain landscapes appeal to me due to their triangularity and it’s not the first time they find their way into my work: „Penetrative tension“ (2015), „Geotactics“ (2016).