Bogdan Kravtsov
Борщ зі смета́ною (from the series “Ukrainian-Georgian dictionary”)

2022.04.10, Georgia
Photo by Jenia Filatova

I spent my childhood in Svatovo, it’s eastern Ukraine, and my father still lives near Kupyansk, which was occupied by Russian troops on February 27.

I left Russia immediately after the war began, then settled in Tbilisi. The Georgians openly support Ukraine. This is manifested in numerous Ukrainian flags on houses, inscriptions on walls, screens in transport, badges and ribbons on clothing, collection of donations, and demonstrations.

In the series entitled “Ukrainian-Georgian dictionary” I collect popular symbols of Ukrainian culture that I notice in Georgia on household items, on food packaging, and on randomly found things.

This work was made of a milk box:
found object, location, pop-art