Bogdan Kravtsov


This was an impromptu birthday present to my friend and business partner Timur Kadyrov. Fasces is a bundle of rods bound together with a red ribbon, a symbol of authority in ancient Rome. The subject reflects that there were three of us running our escape room chain „Claustrophobia“ early on.

In this piece two graphic techniques made their debut: pairing markers in complementing shades to imitate color translucency and rendering the graphics itself in markers while leaving the background to colored pencils.

The compositional dynamics organized along the positive diagonal evolved in my projects which came some time after this one.

Timur attached a black box with the picture to the wall, so to see the work one had to remove the cover.

Later this work was improved by a housemaid Tamara: she put on the box a rubber ring with feathers and stuck a needle with a thread directly into the picture.

05.05.2015. I presented this work to Timur Kadyrov.
markers, mixed, pencils