Bogdan Kravtsov
Tour de France


Tour de France is a traditional multistage bicycle race. It has more than a hundred years long history, but the stage order is new every year. I chose the 1995 Tour de France. I didn’t draw stages one by one, it’s not the race diagram, but there’s some numeric analogy still:
Five high mountain mass-start stagesMarkers of five different colors
(green, blue, black, red, orange)
Three medium mountain mass-start stagesThree different block lengths
(single, double, triple)
Nine flat mass-start stagesNine different combinations color × size
(including white single)
One team time trialOne black single block
Three individual time trialsOrange, green and blue single blocks
Two rest daysTwo white single blocks

I was listening the eponymous music by “Kraftwerk” while drawing. Figure outline represents wheel on turn, straight road and peloton.

The drawing shows the direction to two future decisions: the inclination angle tends to the main diagonal and just changing black to violet would make the five-color spectre.

Several years later in The Russian Museum I met the painting «Movement in space» by Mikhail Matiushin, made in 1921 or earlier:

2019.04.30. I presented this work to Dmitrii Zaretskii.
markers, symmetry