Futurama (for Jan Pamuła)

Photo by Olga Alexeenko

In 2013 during the “Kraków Jazz Autumn” festival in two different museums I saw works by Jan Pamuła from the series “Geometrical objects”, resembling gothic stained glasses, and a whole wall of studies.

In a museum bookstore there was no his albums, but sellers knew his name and told that Jan Pamuła was a professor in the Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków. At home I found his page on the academy’s website and wrote him an e-mail, not being sure that it’s his address and that it’s valid.

But he answered, personally! He thanked me for the interest in his art and told, that I should ask about the albums at “The Starmach Gallery”, and that he’s going to find some double catalogs at his own archive. Next month I was in Kraków again and visited the gallery. We met with Jan Pamuła in a café, I showed him my first small drawings, he signed for me some of his catalogs.

When I made this picture, I wrote to Jan Pamuła again, but he didn’t answered this time. Facebook says that he has moved to Paris, so the email address has most probably expired.

I wanted to save the recognisable arched form, but also to adjust it to the square paper. Cutout is best to express the layers and permanent discrete colours, and also refers to Josef Albers’ spectral exercises.

The name of the picture is related to the fact that Jan Pamuła makes as well pictures build on stochastic computations. But I also love the animation of the same name, the more so as it is drawn with clear colours and gradients and its logo is bended into arch.

appliqué, architecture, spectrum, translation