2009 Guacamayo

Anima Sound System (2006) We Strike!
Anouar Brahem (2009) The Astounding Eyes of Rita
Bonobo (2006) Days To Come
Bonzo Dog Band (1969) Urban Spaceman
Burial (2007) Untrue
Clutchy Hopkins, Lord Kenjamin (2009) Music Is My Medicine
Cockney Rebel (1973) The Human Menagerie
colorStar (2009) colorStar
Colour Haze (2006) Tempel
Contemporary Noise Quintet (2006) Pig Inside The Gentleman
Dengue Fever (2008) Venus on Earth
Devo (1980) Freedom Of Choice
Don Cavalli (2008) Cryland
Dredg (2009) The Pariah, The Parrot, The Delusion
Element of Crime (1991) Damals Hinterm Mond
Gang of Four (1980) Entertainment!
Gong Gong (2008) Mary’s Spring
Hans Reichel (2003) Yuxo (A New Daxophone Operetta)
Hefner (1999) The Fidelity Wars
Hellwood (2006) Chainsaw of Life
Ian Wood (1997) Pražské snění
Improved Sound Limited (1971) Improved Sound Limited
Jean-Jacques Perrey, Harry Breuer (1970) The Happy Moog
Juno Reactor (2000) Shango
Jurij Andruchowycz, Karbido (2006) Samogon
Bertolt Brecht by Kurt Weill (1958) Die Dreigroschenoper
Le Scrawl (1994) Q
Les Claypool (2009) Of Fungi and Foe
Nits (1998) Alankomaat
Oil 10 (2006) Beyond
Regina Spektor (2009) Far
Rome (2008) Masse Mensch Material
Scrooge (1997) Cinematograph
Sir Richard Bishop (2009) The Freak Of Araby
Talking Heads (2004) The Name Of This Band Is Talking Heads
The Bone (2007) Zoo
The Clash (1977) The Clash (U.K. Version)
The Melting Ice (2002) The Melting Ice
The Police (1980) Zenyatta Mondatta
Trost (2006) Trust Me
Uri Caine (2001) Rio
Us3 (2006) Schizophonic
Úzgin Űver (2004) Vörös Rébék
Ween (1997) The Mollusk
XTC (1980) Black Sea