Venedikt Erofeev, “Moscow — Petushki”
Untouched nonpartisan brunettes

When the ships of the American Seventh Fleet docked at the Petushki station, there were no Communist Party girls present, but if Komsomol girls are considered Party members, then every third of them was a blonde. When the ships of the American Seventh Fleet set sail, the following was discovered: every third Komsomol girl turned out to have been raped, every fourth rape victim turned out to be a Komsomol girl, every fifth one of the Komsomol girls who have been raped turned out to be a blonde; every ninth blonde rape victim turned out to be a Komsomol member. If there are 428 girls in all in Petushki, determine how many nonpartisan brunettes among them remained untouched?
discourse, maths, women