Sergei Parajanov
Films, photos, collages

1985 – 1988, USSR

Self-portrait (June 1988)

This photo is often used in posters, for example:

Ashik Kerib (1988)

Film directed by Sergei Parajanov and David Abashidze „Ashik Kerib“, also known as „The Lovelorn Minstrel“.
USSR, Georgian Film, 1988.

Sofiko Chiaureli. Still frame.
Poster for the film by Igor Lemeshev.

Night bird of Tarkovsky (1987)

18×25 cm. Collage based on a photo.

Variation with a shell on themes by Pinturicchio and Rafael (1988)

56 × 47 × 3.5 cm. Collage. Wood, glass, shells, leather, feathers.

Self-portrait (1985)

Julia Tveritina, „Sergei Parajanov“

Illustration for the book «Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors. Graphic stories».
Ukraine, Artbook, 2016.